Today it’s all about E-Cards! Personally, I don’t use them too often. But that’s just because I rarely find postcards online which are free and have a great design at the same time. So, dear reader, can you recommend a fun and free postcard-website?

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Yours, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner


Not only famous authors write postcards. Also artists paint and draw on this special format. This summer you can check out some artistic postcards created by the German artist collective Die Brücke in Hamburg, Germany. The Ernst Barlach Museum is presenting some of their famous postcards from artists like Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, Erich Heckel, and Max Pechstein. Interestingly enough, the museum states that the artists’ postcards often served as their first drafts for later paintings.

So get creative, become a new (postcard) artist!

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Best Wishes! Artist’s postcards by the ‘Brücke’
9 June – 29 September 2013

Kommt ein Vogel geflogen…

… von der Mutter einen Gruß:

Kommt ein Vogel...

Today I received a postcard from my mom, which made me think of the German children’s song Kommt ein Vogel geflogen. It’s about a bird which brings a letter from the mother. As the child has to stay, the bird is sent back with greetings and kisses.

The card made me smile and cry at the same time: Thank you Mama! ♥

Postcard #3 (Julia): Greece!

Postcard #3 flies directly to my friend in Athens.

At the moment she’s taking part in a film project called Matriarchy, a film experiment about “60 women of different ages, nationalities, social backgrounds, political beliefs and sexual orientations, [who] attempt to redefine their place in today’s world.”

Sounds good? I think so too! You can learn more about the project here or get a glimpse of my beloved friend here:

(pay special attention at 3:03! 🙂 ).

Which postcard did I choose for her? One of the most fascinating women of NYC:
Patti Smith!

Patti Smith postcard

Postcard #2 (Franziska): USA


My second postcard was for Julia. How could I not send her one?! I once bought the card at the Kunstbau/Lenbachhaus in Munich – it’s an oil painting by Austrian artist Maria Lassnig and this painting is called Landmädchen (country girl) from 2001.

I added a little masking tape, a heart, and a few stars.

Julia often refers to herself as Karla Kolumna, a journalist in a German children’s audioplay, since she takes many pictures and like to research things. This might be a country version of Karla! ^^

The Postal Service

Oh, how much I loved the band The Postal Service!

Their first and only album Give Up was already released in 2003. So when I discovered them around 2007 I regularly checked their website for new songs, but always without any success.

I almost forgot about them until I went to their website to find a video for our postcard project. It is mandatory with the band’s name!

Now, guess what? At the beginning of this year they announced to release a 10th anniversary edition of their old album! It includes all the tracks from back than, two new songs, remixes and covers by other artists.

Of course, you can question the necessity of a reissue of a complete CD with only little new input by the band itself. Still, for this blog post it is just perfect! To all new and old listeners, click here for their latest track Tattered Line of String.

And finally about their band name: As the two members sent their demos back and forth by the USPS (No dropbox! No WeTransfer!), they decided to name themselves The Postal Service!

PS: If you want to hear more about their Give Up: 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition, NPR featured the band on All Songs Considered.