New theme: books!

We will be dedicating our posts to books during the next couple of weeks! As I am currently in the middle of writing my thesis I tend to spend a lot of time in libraries. So I will be checking out a bunch of different libraries in my hometown in Munich while Julia will be visiting neat bookstores and libraries in NYC.

Do you have favourite bookstores/libraries?


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7 thoughts on “New theme: books!

  1. Das gibts nicht! On Sunday I discovered a lovely library/Reading Room in Vienna, that let me think so hard of you – because I think you both would like it!!
    One can find it in the Museum der Angewandten Künste, entry and internet is free.
    The interior is very beautiful and in the middle is a free space that opens to an exibition room beneath.
    While learning there, I wanted to be an art historian or architect, to fit better in this stylish environment and missed you two.. (when I was cycling back home, I thought about how to have the chance to learn there with you -> now I will try to convince you, that you need to write a Phd in the coming years 😉 !

    • Änn, this looks AMAZING! Thanks for sharing!!
      And I can tell you, you neither need to be an art historian nor an architecht: You’re already “melting” into this space, that’s how much you belong there! 🙂

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