Little Free Libraries

Some days ago Franziska sent me this crazy link:

I totally freaked out and it got even better when I discovered that there are actually more awesome Little Free Libraries all around NYC!
People are invited to bring their read books and exchange them for new ones. With the help of this plan, I discovered two of altogether ten libraries:
 IMG_0538Free Little Library 2
                     Free Little Library 3
Free Little Library 4 Free Little Library 5

Can you see the little solar panel of the top of the second bowl? It turns out to be the book’s spotlight! How wild is that?
You find the first little library on the corner of Eldridge and Rivington Street. The second one is just around NYU.
As you can probably tell, I’m still totally amazed by those little libraries. And there are many more to discover!
Thank you so much Franziska for opening my eyes! You are my little “Spürnase” aka “good nose”!


To our readers in Munich: there is a similar concept in front of the Academy of Fine Arts! I’m not sure if it still exists, but last year there was a little yellow suitcase filled with books lying on a bench. If you’re around Schwabing try to find it!

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