Brooklyn Reads!

Today I want to share a little personal story with you.

When I graduated from university last summer my sister gave me Paul Auster’s novel Sunset Park. After I arrived in NY last September I read it and loved it instantly. It’s the story of four young people living in an abandoned  house across from Green-Wood Cemetery, a cemetery in the area of Sunset Park/Brooklyn.

After being home in Germany for some months, I moved back to New York and found a place to live in exactly this neighborhood, Sunset Park. Even if I’ve been to the beautiful cemetery before, I never thought of moving here on purpose. It was a total coincidence.

Last fall I heard about the Community Bookstore, also located in Brooklyn, being a recommended bookstore by Paul Auster. I went there and was totally in love! The store itself is not very big: It’s a long narrow room, filled with only great books. There is also a cat and a red piano. It is a wonderful place.

This weekend I revisited the bookstore for our blog project:

IMG_0553 IMG_0555 IMG_0556 IMG_0558

And of course there was one book I had to buy:


Community Bookstore
143 Seventh Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11215
Hours: Mon-Sat 9AM – 9PM, Sun 9AM – 8PM


3 thoughts on “Brooklyn Reads!

  1. hey julia ! I enjoy reading your amazing impressions of NYC!
    I miss you and I hope you’re fine and we will meet again soon! xoxoxo

    could you please find some modern art in NY? I really like street art, as I wrote to you in one e-mail with the link to a trailer of the film “exit through the gift shop”. I’d really like to see how street art is made in NY because I really really want to stay there some day. maybe you can post it here?
    it would be soooo nice !

    Hannah , your grandcousin from a boring village somewhere in germany in contrast to your exciting life in NYC !

    • Hannah, my love!
      Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Readers like you keep us going!
      What a fantastic idea to take pictures of street art! I will talk to Franziska about it! Perhaps you can also find some street art projects around where you live and share them with us once we start the new project?
      I’m sure your town is also very exciting. Because it’s YOUR town and you live there, so there must be some good spirit! 🙂
      Lots of love!

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