Housingworks Bookstore Cafe


One of our beloved readers commented on Franziska’s introduction to our new challenge to check out Oxfam’s shops of donated books which are located in several European cities (see here for stores in Germany).

NYC also has a bookshop of a similar concept: Housingworks Bookstore Cafe.

Their mission is to support AIDS affected as well as homeless people by selling donated novels, scientific books, and much more. They also invite their costumers to pick up some of the books, order a coffee and just chill on their inner balcony or at their wooden tables.

The atmosphere is great and if you stay until the evening you are going to be able to listen to some of the readings, talks, and discussions, which Housingworks is offering.

Either if you donate a read book, buy a new one or just sip on your coffee and have some cake: you will enjoy this lovely place!

Housingworks Bookstore Cafe
126 Crosby Street
New York, NY 10012
Hours: Mon–Fri 10AM–9PM, Sat–Sun 10AM–5PM



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