A Bookstore Walk

Hi Fran and good old fan club (aka Piglet & Änn)!

I’m back. I’m so sorry there haven’t been any new posts for ages. Wait, July 2?! OMG. Time to change something and go back to work! So we’re still in a library/bookstore mood. But since it’s summer and everyone is on the street, I wanted to invite you to a walk through Soho, Noho and a bit of the West Village.

Unfortunately I missed to take a picture of my favorite bookstore McNally Jackson Books, but that’s a good excuse to go there yourself right?!

Let’s start:

book-walk(click on the map to enlarge it!)



housingworksbookstoreHousingworks Bookstore Cafe
126 Crosby Street

Sounds familiar, hmm?!



Mercer StreetMercer Street Books & Records
206 Mercer Street

Oh yes, you know this one too!




DSCF6896Shakespeare & Co. Booksellers
716 Broadway



NYU BookstoreNew York University Bookstore
726 Broadway, NYC

Lots of academic books and NYU fan stuff, which makes you look smart (or like buying a scientific appearance).



Strand 1

Strand 2Strand Bookstore
828 Broadway NYC

New and used books. Great place to get lost for hours.



Three Lives and CompanyThree Lives and Company
154 W 10th St

So picturesque!



McNally Jackson Books
52 Prince Street, NYC

No picture – sorry! As I said: My favorite bookstore in Manhattan so far! Lots of books about the arts, foreign magazines, very nice cafe (of course! What did you think?!).


All over the city, and also within this neighbourhood: The little free libraries! See if you can find them!
And at any time in between: Get some rest at Washington Square Park!


This is my final blog post about bookstores in NYC. I’ll now grab my book and head to a cool place. Enjoy summer guys! 🙂




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