Donuts for your hair

Everybody has a few socks in their sock bin that are missing their twin, am I right? Well, here’s a new purpose for lonely stockings: a hair donut. Excuse me? Food for your hair? In a way it does “fatten” your hair up; it’s basically a wreath around which you shape a nice and poofy bun. All you have to do is cut the “toe part” of the sock off and and fold it to a ring.

Foto Kopie Foto

Simply gather your hair to a rather high ponytail and fasten it with an elastic, pull it through the hair sock/donut/cheerio, bring the donut to the end of your ponytail and whilst you keep turning the donut inside out, make sure to keep wrapping more and more hair from your ponytail around it. Once you have a fat bun going on on your head, use bobby pins to secure  it and you’re done! A classic hairstyle is born!

Here’s a video which will make it clearer.

The best part? You can spread the hair love by giving “handmade” hair socks to your friends!


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