Subway Inspiration

Some weeks ago I met this little girl in the subway on my way home.

NYC girl

She had such a fantastic hairdo that I just had to ask her how she (or her mom/dad) did it. She proudly explained every single step and it all seemed so easy. But let me tell you, I tried hard and it never even looked a bit like hers. Finally I gave up, gathered all the braids (6!) and twisted them around each other into a knot. I added a flower and was ready for a sunny day.




Even if this hairdo turned out to be completely different to the one of the girl, the best part  was talking to this lovely 5-year-old! It did not only show her beauty, but also her creativity.
But remember, it’s fun to talk to girls about beauty-related stuff, but they rock so much more! Let them explain how they did it and who insprired them and then move on to new topics, because dressing up is fun but only one possible beginning to so much more!


2 thoughts on “Subway Inspiration

  1. nevertheless such a gorgeous hairdo! i`m also always grumpy when the hairdo i wanted to create turns out to look completely different to my model in the end… but then i think “hey, thereby i created a new hairdo”… and then i`m happy with it 😉 nice article by the way…

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