Wishing-Table Brooklyn Style

Lovely readers,

Yesterday should have been my turn posting a picture. As one of you reminded me (hello miss detective Änn) I unfortunately forgot. However I didn’t forget to take a picture and actually this one let my heart jump! See why:

Yesterday I moved to a new apartment. Even if there are only pros compared to the old one (No carpet! Cheaper rent! Working radiators!) my windows are now facing the wall of the other side of the back yard instead of providing a view of the Manhattan skyline. But! My childhood dream came true: there is a rope from my window to the kitchen window for drying cloths and sending secret messages! How cool is that? I could even pull a little basket with my breakfast from the kitchen to my room! It’s like a wishing-table Brooklyn style!




Yesterday I was looking through old pics and I found a funny series of “feet/shoe photos” that portray things that make me happy.


Hiking makes happy



Funky shoes make me smile


And so do foxy socks


Ballet feet!


… and bare feet in a hammock!

P.S.: Why is it that some people have to take pictures of their feet?

Here’s the answer

The Tree Arrived

On my way to work I pass Rockefeller Center. For some weeks now the ice rink is up and seeing the dancers, tourists, and kids on the ice brightens up every morning. That’s why I initially wanted to show you a photo of the ice rink when I discovered this morning that the Christmas tree has arrived! Workers were already decorating the tree with colored lights and it just looked too funny to see the tree hidden by all the framework. It was like a wrapped present, but see it yourself: The 2013 Rockefeller Center Tree!


Tea cups


Before you start worrying that I am some breakfast-obsessed person, hear me out! A friend of ours actually MADE these tea cups! Start to finish. And the past morning, while I was using them, all I could do was stare at them in utter speechlessness – they are perfection. Unfortunately I’m a really lousy photographer (bad quality for a blogger, I know. I try though) so the picture doesn’t do justice to their beautiful colouring … you’ll just have to believe me! 

By the Riverside

In yesterday’s post Julia told us about her new addiction – we’re keeping things aquatic here because let me tell you, I love being near water! I sometimes even prefer it to being in water!


Today we went for a walk along the Inn, the river that flows through Innsbruck, Austria. It was quite cold but the cool crispness combined with the light of the blue hour just makes fall so wonderful.

Top of the Lake

Yesterday and today I spent in total almost seven hours (oops) watching all episodes of Top of the Lake, directed by Jane Campion. And it was great! The mini series is about a 12-year-old girl who escapes from home after her pregnancy gets discovered. The more the local police and detective Robin Griffin try to find the girl, the more unsolved mysteries of domestic violence, child abuse, the role of the woman in society, and almost inconvincible relationships of dependency come up .

The series is placed in New Zealand and the photography is just stunning. I enjoyed it so much that’s why it is my first picture of this week:

Top of the Lake.jpg

Now that I have finished this series, can you recommend other TV shows? I would love to hear your recommendations!

Happy Days

This is what Jaimie Oliver always says when he’s finished cooking a meal.

Julia and I have decided to post a picture that makes us happy once a day for the next seven days. So here’s mine:




I love breakfast – it’s the reason I get up in the morning. Two slices of bread with jam and butter, a pot of green tea, and if I’m feeling luxurious, a glass of juice. Bliss!