Wishing-Table Brooklyn Style

Lovely readers,

Yesterday should have been my turn posting a picture. As one of you reminded me (hello miss detective Änn) I unfortunately forgot. However I didn’t forget to take a picture and actually this one let my heart jump! See why:

Yesterday I moved to a new apartment. Even if there are only pros compared to the old one (No carpet! Cheaper rent! Working radiators!) my windows are now facing the wall of the other side of the back yard instead of providing a view of the Manhattan skyline. But! My childhood dream came true: there is a rope from my window to the kitchen window for drying cloths and sending secret messages! How cool is that? I could even pull a little basket with my breakfast from the kitchen to my room! It’s like a wishing-table Brooklyn style!




3 thoughts on “Wishing-Table Brooklyn Style

  1. hey! GREAT!
    but detective änn also found out that your mission was already over in fact. You planned to post pictures for 7 days. Now you did it for 8 😉 Love it! hihi.

  2. Aaaaaah, why did I find out about this blog only now???? I lived my life in ignorance and blindness, ooooh Lord! Forgive me my sinns and let me read about wishing tables and dancing books ❤

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