Yesterday I was looking through old pics and I found a funny series of “feet/shoe photos” that portray things that make me happy.


Hiking makes happy



Funky shoes make me smile


And so do foxy socks


Ballet feet!


… and bare feet in a hammock!

P.S.: Why is it that some people have to take pictures of their feet?

Here’s the answer


Tea cups


Before you start worrying that I am some breakfast-obsessed person, hear me out! A friend of ours actually MADE these tea cups! Start to finish. And the past morning, while I was using them, all I could do was stare at them in utter speechlessness – they are perfection. Unfortunately I’m a really lousy photographer (bad quality for a blogger, I know. I try though) so the picture doesn’t do justice to their beautiful colouring … you’ll just have to believe me! 

By the Riverside

In yesterday’s post Julia told us about her new addiction – we’re keeping things aquatic here because let me tell you, I love being near water! I sometimes even prefer it to being in water!


Today we went for a walk along the Inn, the river that flows through Innsbruck, Austria. It was quite cold but the cool crispness combined with the light of the blue hour just makes fall so wonderful.

Happy Days

This is what Jaimie Oliver always says when he’s finished cooking a meal.

Julia and I have decided to post a picture that makes us happy once a day for the next seven days. So here’s mine:




I love breakfast – it’s the reason I get up in the morning. Two slices of bread with jam and butter, a pot of green tea, and if I’m feeling luxurious, a glass of juice. Bliss!

Summer break

You may have noticed things have been pretty slow here; one of the reasons is that I am in the middle of finishing my thesis and Julia has been working more (plus, she has a very special visitor coming soon!). Therefore we will be taking a break from blogging until the end of September. But once the leaves start turning yellow we’ll be back with new ideas and adventures! We can’t wait!



gif from it’s no biggie

Donuts for your hair

Everybody has a few socks in their sock bin that are missing their twin, am I right? Well, here’s a new purpose for lonely stockings: a hair donut. Excuse me? Food for your hair? In a way it does “fatten” your hair up; it’s basically a wreath around which you shape a nice and poofy bun. All you have to do is cut the “toe part” of the sock off and and fold it to a ring.

Foto Kopie Foto

Simply gather your hair to a rather high ponytail and fasten it with an elastic, pull it through the hair sock/donut/cheerio, bring the donut to the end of your ponytail and whilst you keep turning the donut inside out, make sure to keep wrapping more and more hair from your ponytail around it. Once you have a fat bun going on on your head, use bobby pins to secure  it and you’re done! A classic hairstyle is born!

Here’s a video which will make it clearer.

The best part? You can spread the hair love by giving “handmade” hair socks to your friends!

Guest post: “second-day-after-hair-washing-hairdo”

Julia and I are really excited to share our first guest post! Our friend Mary from Munich has quite the reputation for fancy hairstyles, so naturally we had to ask her to share her latest trend:

Mary's hairdo

Keep reading for Mary’s instructions!

“For this hairdo you first have to have loooooots of bobby pins and a ribbon in your favourite colour or in the colour that matches your outfit best…. You can also use special ribbon, e.g. a gold one for special festivities.

Other preparations: if you have fine and smooth hair like me, you have to put a lot of (volume-) mousse in your hair before you start. It’s also good to have day-old-hair which makes it more slip-proof. I know that sounds gross but that’s why I call this hairdo the “second-day-after-hair-washing-hairdo”.

But now for the instructions :  Take the ribbon and place it like a hair-band over the front of your head. Then pin it with two pins, you will release them later, no worries. Then you divide your hair and make two braids. Thereby you add the ribbon to one hair strand and integrate it into your braid. You can either make a French braid or a regular braid. The latter will give you more volume at the back of your head in the end. Once you’ve finished, tie each braid with hair ties. Thin hair elastics and ones that match your hair color work the best so you can hide them better in your hairdo. Then you take the right braid and place it over the back of  your head to the left behind your ear. Pin it with several hair pins and ignore the loose end for now. Now repeat this process with the other braid, placing it from the left to the right side of your head. Secure it with hair pins and now you can hide the tips of your braids under the bulky parts of your hair that were formed automatically behind your ears. You will have problems with this if your hair is very long (for example when it already reaches your waist). For this hairdo it would be ideal to have hair that reaches a little bit over your shoulders. Should you have any questions concerning the instruction so far, feel free to ask! I would also  love to see your photos!”

You heard her! If you decide to try this ‘do, simply send in your pictures to wehavetheheart(at)

Thank you so much, Mary, for joining our Hairy Business Week! We can’t wait to see what hairdo you will be trending next!

Put a bow on it

When I was little, my sister Claire and I would play “hairdresser”: one would be “Madame Banane”, the customer, the other “Madame Orange”, the hairdresser. We would start off with fake-shampooing each other’s hair, “cutting” it and then styling it into a braid or randomly placing bobby pins in it. A few months back I did my sister’s hair for fun:

IMG_1408 IMG_1406

Isn’t that cool?! I found this tutorial from Catbird, a NYC jewelry manufactory. It wasn’t very difficult tying my sister’s hair into a bow but I can’t seem to do it on my own.  I especially like how it looks with Claire’s two-toned hair! You could also try placing the bow on top of your head like Lady Gaga once did or reshape an entire bun into a bow! Go ahead and try, it’s not as hard as it seems!

Hairy business

Julia and I will be dedicating the next 7 days to HAIR! Since we both have long hair and both tend to simply tie our hair in a bun we decided to spice things up a bit!

It’s been so hot here in Munich the past weeks so this morning I decided to braid my bangs to the side instead of simply pinning them away with a bobby pin:

IMG_1984 IMG_1985

I used the french-braid-technique but instead of grabbing strands from the side and laying them across the middle coming from above, I took the strands coming from underneath. Does this make sense?! That way the braid looks like it’s lying on a field of hair (gross) instead of growing from one. Can anybody tell that the heat has been getting to my brain?!

Libraries on the other side of the Karwendel!

Two weeks ago I spent some quality library time in Innsbruck, Austria.


The first library I visited was the Innsbruck University Library which was really modern and fancy: fashionable sleek black furniture, brand new sanitary installations, self-checkout… I was impressed! The only drawback was that almost every seat was taken and the place was buzzing! So many people were entering and exiting the building, it was hard to concentrate.

So after a lunch break (cucumber maki!) I checked out the faculty library of theology:


This was more like it: a quiet atmosphere and an interesting crescent-like set-up. Maybe there is a connection with this exact faculty and the vibe of peacefulness?!

image source 1

image source 2