Yesterday I was looking through old pics and I found a funny series of “feet/shoe photos” that portray things that make me happy.


Hiking makes happy



Funky shoes make me smile


And so do foxy socks


Ballet feet!


… and bare feet in a hammock!

P.S.: Why is it that some people have to take pictures of their feet?

Here’s the answer


Tea cups


Before you start worrying that I am some breakfast-obsessed person, hear me out! A friend of ours actually MADE these tea cups! Start to finish. And the past morning, while I was using them, all I could do was stare at them in utter speechlessness – they are perfection. Unfortunately I’m a really lousy photographer (bad quality for a blogger, I know. I try though) so the picture doesn’t do justice to their beautiful colouring … you’ll just have to believe me! 

By the Riverside

In yesterday’s post Julia told us about her new addiction – we’re keeping things aquatic here because let me tell you, I love being near water! I sometimes even prefer it to being in water!


Today we went for a walk along the Inn, the river that flows through Innsbruck, Austria. It was quite cold but the cool crispness combined with the light of the blue hour just makes fall so wonderful.

Happy Days

This is what Jaimie Oliver always says when he’s finished cooking a meal.

Julia and I have decided to post a picture that makes us happy once a day for the next seven days. So here’s mine:




I love breakfast – it’s the reason I get up in the morning. Two slices of bread with jam and butter, a pot of green tea, and if I’m feeling luxurious, a glass of juice. Bliss!

Summer break

You may have noticed things have been pretty slow here; one of the reasons is that I am in the middle of finishing my thesis and Julia has been working more (plus, she has a very special visitor coming soon!). Therefore we will be taking a break from blogging until the end of September. But once the leaves start turning yellow we’ll be back with new ideas and adventures! We can’t wait!



gif from it’s no biggie

Animals and Books

Just about every children’s book in my local bookstore has an animal for its hero. But then, only a few feet away in the cookbook section, just about every cookbook includes recipes for cooking animals. Is there a more illuminating illustration of our paradoxical relationship with the nonhuman world?

Jonathan Safran Foer via 

New theme: books!

We will be dedicating our posts to books during the next couple of weeks! As I am currently in the middle of writing my thesis I tend to spend a lot of time in libraries. So I will be checking out a bunch of different libraries in my hometown in Munich while Julia will be visiting neat bookstores and libraries in NYC.

Do you have favourite bookstores/libraries?


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Today it’s all about E-Cards! Personally, I don’t use them too often. But that’s just because I rarely find postcards online which are free and have a great design at the same time. So, dear reader, can you recommend a fun and free postcard-website?

ONLY UNTIL FRIDAY, MAY 31 11:59 PM EST: Send us an email with your name to wehavetheheart(at) and you receive a Thank-You-E-Postcard, especially created for you!

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Yours, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner


Not only famous authors write postcards. Also artists paint and draw on this special format. This summer you can check out some artistic postcards created by the German artist collective Die Brücke in Hamburg, Germany. The Ernst Barlach Museum is presenting some of their famous postcards from artists like Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, Erich Heckel, and Max Pechstein. Interestingly enough, the museum states that the artists’ postcards often served as their first drafts for later paintings.

So get creative, become a new (postcard) artist!

Information and picture via
Best Wishes! Artist’s postcards by the ‘Brücke’
9 June – 29 September 2013